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Diet Analysis Project Template

Diet Analysis Project Template (Parts I, II & III)


Part I: 24-hour Food & Beverage Recall with Predictions


Use this template in conjunction with the Complete Dietary Analysis Project Instructions. Submit this template when finished with each Part (there are Parts I, II and III included).


Personal information of person interviewed (please include all):

Gender: Female

Height: 5’5

Weight: 222

Age: 42

Activity level: none


Date/Day of the Week (add rows if needed & divide by meals/snacks):

Time Food/Condiment/Beverage How Much Ate/Drank

(use cups or ounces, tablespoons)

9:12 am Oatmeal, regular, cooked (no salt or fat added) 1 cup
9:12 am Bacon, pork cooked 3 medium slices
9:12 am water 16 ounces
1:32pm Salad, grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, carrots, no dressing 1 ½ cup
7:25 pm Pizza, with meat and vegetables, thick crust 1 pizza (5″ across pizza) 5” across pizza
7:25pm Salad, Caesar, with dressing


1 cup
7:25 pm water 16.9 ounces
8:00pm wine 3.5 ounces

Predictions (2 parts):


Part 1: Original charts with your predictions

  Total Calories Dietary Fiber Food Groups Macronutrients Micronutrients
      Veg Fruit Whole Grains Dairy Protein Carbs Fat Vitamins/ Minerals
Low x     x   x x     x
Adequate   x     x     x x  
High     x              


  Sodium Saturated fat Cholesterol
Low   x x
Moderate x    




Part 2:

Write at least five sentences explaining why you are predicting what you predict for each category . Please address the micronutrients in general (if you think overall the 24-hour recall diet will be too low, adequate/moderate or too high in most vitamins and minerals) and also specifically address the mineral, sodium and the sub-categories, saturated fat, cholesterol and dietary fiber in your write-up . You will lose points for not addressing all categories noted here.


NUTR 100 – Dietary Analysis Project Template

Part II: Data Findings and Analysis of Original 24-hour Food Recall


Data Findings & Analysis


Getting Started:

Please submit this Template for Part II, which should include your completed Part I above and any corrections needed per the instructors feedback. Also, be sure to submit the Nutrient Intake Report.

Use this template in conjunction with the Complete Dietary Analysis Project Instructions. Submit this template when finished with each Part.


· Start with the Daily Food Group Targets. Click on “View by Meal” (located under the graph on the Food Tracker page). You will want to copy and paste the Food Groups table into this document, replacing the example below. You may not be able to simply copy and paste depending on your computer. You can also take a screenshot, and then crop the graphic as needed (see example below).


Food Group Table



· Next, look at the Daily Food Group Graph (next to the word data and below the daily food group targets). Take a screenshot, and then crop the graphic as needed (see example below); then answer the questions and write a summary of your findings per the instructions below.





Food Group Graph



Food Group Questions:

· What are the total percentages of the target for each food group?

· Example: Grains are 94%, Vegetables are 151%, Fruits are 111%, Dairy is 53% and Protein is 71% of the targets.

· For grains, what percent is whole and what percent is refined (hover the arrow over the sections on the chart and it will show this)?

· Example: Whole grains are 65% of total grains

· For dairy, what percent is from milk/yogurt and what percent is from cheese?

· Example: Milk and yogurt are 80% of dairy intake; cheese is 20% of dairy intake

· For fruit, what percent is from whole fruit and what percent is from fruit juice?

· Whole fruit is 60% of fruit intake and fruit juice is 40% of fruit intake.

· Write at least five sentences addressing your findings regarding the food groups for the diet recall. Address, what foods from the 24-hour diet recall caused the food groups to be in these proportions? How can they be improved upon for the revised diet?

· Write at least fiv