Development of an Evidence-Based Nursing

Development of an Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Guideline

Discussion of the problem and why it is significant to nursing practice and healthcare.
The PICO question is presented in this section.
What databases did you use to find your evidence? What were your search terms for the evidence?
Summarize the evidence you found on the topic that answers the PICO question.
Include the appendices to your paper per APA guidelines for formatting. Be sure to reference the Appendices in your paper text.
What are your specific recommendations for a practice change?
What is the feasibility, fit and appropriateness of your recommendations, including potential barriers? Costs, resources, personnel? Barriers to implementation?
Develop an action plan which will include support and resources needed for implementation.
What method will you evaluate if the change proposed is effective?
Specific measurable goals and a timeline for implementation and evaluation.
How could you disseminate the findings of your proposed change in nursing practice?
CONCLUSION – brief summary of your paper
APA Formatting as per 7th edition
Page numbers and title page
Section headings correct per APA
Reference page includes articles from Evidence Appendix plus 4 additional ones to support your content in other sections of the paper.
Appendices placed and formatted per APA guidelines.
Topic: Development of an Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Guideline Scholarly paper about your suggested guideline. Your topic is a nursing focused topic of interest to you that is relevant to your practice setting. Your paper will include sections on
You will:
Research and appraise the relevant evidence related to the question for the guideline. You will need additional articles to support your proposed change in additions to the articles you will utilize in developing the APPENDICES. See rubric for more information. Note: You develop the individual Evidence Appendix which requires 2 references for each level of evidence (Dang & Dearholt model).
Synthesize and discuss the readings and your research findings related to the nursing practice question and the resulting guideline.
You must address the topics in the grade rubric including the required tables and barriers to implementation in practice. Evidence of synthesis of knowledge gained is expected in the paper.
Follow APA 7th edition guidelines for paper, citations, references, and appendices.

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