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develop an Information Retrieval Paper

develop an Information Retrieval Paper. This Assignment focuses on identifying appropriate evidence-based nursing practices related to specific problems you may identify as you work in the healthcare/workplace setting.

The goals of an Information Retrieval Paper are to (1) practice using APA format, (2) summarize and examine the strengths and limitations of research articles, and (3) prepare you for the Nursing Research Course where you will write a research paper using the skills you have learned completing this Information Retrieval Paper.

As a part of your Information Retrieval Paper, you will begin development of a research question using PICO format. Chapter 10 of the Role Development text book explains PICO. Be sure to develop your research question and then just below your research question delineate what the P, I, C, and O components of your question are.

For this Module 3 Assignment you will prepare a Title Page in proper APA format for your Information Retrieval Paper, identify three peer-reviewed articles, and summarize each article using APA format.

It may be helpful to look at the outline for the entire paper before you begin this Module’s Assignment. Assignments in this Module plus in Module 4 and 5 will address the Information Retrieval Paper.


APA Module* (This is also printable. Follow instructions in the tutorial.)

Scholarly Writing Tips*

(*Available in the Resource section of this module)

MS Word Tutorial for Beginners:

Choose the tutorials you need.

Review your course readings, lecture, and your Module 2 Resources before completing this module’s Assignment.

Performance Objectives

· Identify a clinical problem in your workplace setting.

· Develop an appropriate research question using PICO criteria and format.

· Summarize 3 peer-reviewed, evidence-based articles/literature related to your clinical problem and research question.

· Apply a decision-making framework to a clinical problem situation.

· Use correct grammar, punctuation, and APA format expected in writing professional papers.

Rubric and PICO Format

Use this rubric to guide work on the Module 3 assignment, “Information Retrieval Paper, Part 1.”

Research question must be stated in PICO format. See Chapter 10 of the Role Development textbook for the formatting. Be sure to address all four PICO components of the question.




Needs Improvement

Part 1: Problem Identification Research Question Rationale for Question

Must be constructed in the PICO format.

(Total 25 points)

Identifies a clinical problem in the workplace that would be under a nurse’s control. (10. points)

Develops an appropriate research question using the 4 stated criteria from assignment (5 points)

Question is stated in PICO format. Problem, Intervention, Comparator, and Outcome is clearly stated. (5 points)

Clearly explains a rationale for the selection of a research question.(5 points)

Clearly identifies a clinical problem in the workplace.(7 points)

Develops an appropriate research question using 3 criteria from assignment.(3 points)

Question is stated in PICO format but problem, intervention, comparator, and/or outcome is not clearly stated. (3 points)

Explains the rationale for the selection of a research question. (2 points)