Determine Access Point Locations


Determine Access Point Locations

Jim Billingsley, Darren Daves, Saida Hossain

University of Phoenix

CYB/360 Week 2: Access Point Locations


Russ Hann















Access Point Locations


The purpose of this document is to identify locations for wireless access points for International Plastics, Inc., corporate headquarters. The overall objective will be to include a logical network diagram of the wireless network and the technical specifications outline in the future.

Corporate Floor Plan and Buildings

IPP Corporate headquarters has one main building with 6 floors, each floor measures 16,000 square feet. Offices are located around the perimeter, with cubicles located internally. The environment while large and open will still encounter interference with internal devices and machines as well as potential signal loss in stair wells and the transition from the main headquarters to the 2 adjacent manufacturing buildings. The wireless access points must be installed in specific locations to ensure optimal coverage and signal strength to ensure the devices and employees are able to connect and perform their routine functions with limited interference and degradation of the signal.

Recommended Wireless Access Point Locations

The wireless access points should be located above the ceiling tiles or along the walls at ceiling height with omnidirectional MIMO antennas to provide adequate access points. Using a grid pattern wireless access points should be installed approximately every 1,600 square feet. This will require 10 wireless access points to be installed on all 6 floors of the corporate headquarters for a total of 60 wireless access points.

For building A, at 20,000 square feet single level facility will require 13 wireless access points installed above the ceiling tiles or high up on a wall. Building B measures 24,000 square feet which will require 15 wireless access points installed above the ceiling tiles or high up on walls in a secure manner. This makes for a total of 88 industrial wireless access points.













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