DB 7 – Sex and Gender

You are expected to use the textbook as your first source and to cite in-text where you used the the text information. A complete reference list is expected at the end of each discussion. (Min-250 words)In this activity, we will explore the difficult issue of sex and gender. Listen to anNPR interviewabout the story of David Reimer.Next, read about the story atBuffalo Case Study Centerand theNew York Times.Next, look at some stories from current times fromCNNandNY Magazine.Discuss what you have learned about the issues of nature/nurture and sex/gender.Recognizing the hindsight is better (look up this word if it is unfamiliar), what would you have advised the parents of David to do? Why?  Keep in mind what they knew then, who they were, how the world was different. You are not discussing what you would do today.

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