Cristiano Ronaldo


When thinking about athletics then one name that comes to the mind is Cristiano Ronaldo.With this one has to consider elements such as the body , spirit among others things.Ronaldo has the perfect shape that can be used when describing the modren athletics.Modern athletics cannot be mentioned in any place without thinking of Ronaldo and what he means to the industry and the larger market.

NOTE:My professor wants the 3 source and it must be scholarly.please 3 paragraph for this topic and do not forget the title page .

College athletes or professional athletics or professional coach.

But I choose a soccer professional athletes his name is Cristiano Ronaldo so he will be my topic.

1.Content is superior in meeting requirements of college-quality writing APA.

2.Course readings support ideas. Two outside source is included.

3.Class discussions and reflections add something to the assignment.

4.Points are fully elaborated and student participates in other presentations.


Title,abstract, 600 word content and reference pages.

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