criminal and law class


After completing the readings, answer the following questions:

1.Describe the biological and psychological factors that contribute to crime and deviance within society today.

2.What does twin behavior tell you about the causes of criminal behavior?

3.What is the difference between MZ and DZ twins?

4.How does the difference between MZ and DZ twins relate to criminal behavior?

5.What the 3 primary sources of aggressive acts?


In 300-500 words APA FORMAT

Discuss the different elements of Travis Hirschi’s social bond theory. Be sure to identify factors that affect each of these “key bonds” (attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief). For example, for attachment, describe the importance of family and social group members who transmit either anti/pro-social behavior. Also explain how those bonds improve either resistance or acceptance of law violating behavior.


addresses the following topics: IN 300-500 WORDS APA FORMAT

  • The role of socialization in crime causation
  • Why many children are influenced by their social environment to commit crimes, which often leads them to continue their behavior into adolescence


After you have completed all of the Assignments, write a 300–500-word reflection on what you have learned and what questions you may still have.

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