Crime causation theories 8

For this Assignment, you will be examining the major theories of crime causation. Write a minimum of 5 pages supporting why crime occurs according to certain theories.

Select at least two theories from two separate units within the course (for example, one theory from the unit discussing the choice theories, and one theory from the unit discussing the trait theories. DO NOT select theories from the same unit of study, i.e., two theories from the choice theories). Be sure to:

  • Describe the basic elements of each theory, including what the theory considers to be the major factors that cause crime.
  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between these two theoretical perspectives.
  • Describe any improvements that are needed to enhance each theory. (For example, you might discuss the belief that certain research designs are needed in order to generate necessary information in criminological inquiry, the belief that new theories are needed altogether, the belief that components of certain theories should be integrated or combined to form a “new and improved” theory, or you may believe that new questions need to be asked regarding the causation of crime.)




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