Create a Plate

In this discussion assignment, you discuss with the other members of your assigned Discussion Group your experiences completing the Week 5 Create-a-Plate activities listed below:

  • Create-a-Plate: Create a Dinner Rich in Folate
  • Create-a-Plate: Create a Healthy Snack for Seniors
  • Create-a-Plate: Create a School Lunch for Elementary School Students

Post a 150-word response to at least 2 of the following Discussion Prompts by Day 5 in the discussion area below:

  • What is one benefit of eating a dinner high in rich in folate? What can you do to ensure you are getting the daily recommended intake of folate?
  • What advice would you give to a senior that wants your help with learning how to snack healthier?
  • What advice would you give to parent that wants to learn how to create healthy lunches for a finicky eater?

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