Community nursing 4

In order to enter this Discussion forum, you will need to create a thread and submit your initial response post first.  See instructions above. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Select one of the following topics to be the focus of your post this week:

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus            Major Depression                  Elder Abuse

Cardiovascular Disease               Self-Mutilation                      Bipolar Disorders

Congestive Heart Failure            Domestic Violence               Eating Disorders

Alcoholism                                     Horizontal Violence              Dating Violence

Substance Abuse                         Hate Crimes                            Human Trafficking

Cancer                                           Mass Shootings                       Street Gangs

COPD                                             Child Abuse                              Homicide

Major Depression                     HIV/AIDS                                     Suicide

Answer ALL of the following questions related to your topic in your initial post:

-Describe and analyze the incidence and prevalence of the topic you selected, as it applies to your community or state.

-Discuss and compare factors that influence the development or progression of the topic you selected.

-Discuss at least 2 health prevention interventions that you could utilize to combat the topic you selected.

-Compare the roles of the community health nurse, the primary care physician/provider, mental health provider, and other appropriate healthcare providers; and how collaborative care would look like in the community with this type of issue.

Please include the Topic Title in the subject line of your initial post. Follow the discussion rubric including a nursing, peer-reviewed journal article for initial responses. Responses to classmates must be to a topic other than your own.

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