Community nursing #1

For your Initial Response, choose one of the following discussion question options and answer all questions related to it. Please review the Discussion Rubric for detailed requirements of your posts. When you click Reply, change the subject line to read either Option 1, Option 2, Option 3, or Option 4.

Option 1: Environmental influences on population health, advocacy, and groups

Watch and listen to the video  Primary Care Public Health in the Community This video, produced by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), highlights a recent report on the integration of primary care and public health. The integration of primary care and public health can enhance the capacity of both sectors to carry out their respective missions and link with other stakeholders to catalyze a collaborative, intersectoral movement toward improved population health.In your post:

  • Choose one global environmental issue that may cause health problems in populations.
  •  Provide a brief description of the relationship between this environmental issue and subsequent health problems. Include local or regional health statistics you discover. (Don’t forget to provide a reference for these!)
  • Discuss how your local health department, state, or government are addressing these issues.

Option 2: Economic and Global Influences on Population Health

Watch and listen to the video Global Health 2035 Then, answer ALL of the following questions:

  • Discuss why nurses need to be involved in global health concerns.
  • Describe some of the global health concerns of today and initiatives to combat them.
  • What economic impact do global health issues have?
  • How does the U.S. health system influence global health?


Option 3:Population Health, Public Health, and Community Health Nursing

  • Describe population health and the relationship to community/public health nursing.
  • How has the development of population health been influenced throughout history?
  • Where do you see the role of nurses in the future of population health?
  • What role does Healthy People 2020 play in population health?

Option 4:Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases

Tuberculosis (TB) rates have increased worldwide. A local prison facility has just completed their yearly TB screening of inmates and employees. The screening program resulted in identification of 3 inmates and 2 staff members with positive Mantoux tests. In your post:

  • Discuss the associated causality, risk, and current rates of prevalence for Tuberculosis in your community.
  • Explain the linkages between epidemiology and communicable diseases
  • What placed these inmates at high risk for TB?
  • Identify which government agency must be notified immediately.
  • Discuss what would be the next nursing action for both those infected and not infected.

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