Community Corrections 2nd Response to Aprentise

Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post concerning the most compelling topics in the course of Community Corrections:

I thought the course was informative, and compelling due to the different diversion programs that help the courts, the defendant. The diversion court saves money for the judicial system in nonviolent cases where the defendant can be placed in programs that can benefit their specialized situation. One size fits all ideals are becoming a thing of the past for these types of cases. We compared probation, parole and community corrections to each other in how they impact the defendant in the rehabilitation, and merging back in the community and not the system.

Evaluative summary was also compelling in trying to inform different groups on how different programs that are offered can benefit the community. Especially those that are lost in the prison system that could have had other requirements placed on them, to either avoid a criminal record, or serving time. Community corrections programs are generally operated by probation agencies and parole agencies (, 2017).

The feedback was helpful. This was the first class where I received a lot of feedback. I was shocked to read others tell me they gained knowledge or I said something that intrigued them and gave them a different perspective. The discussions have also allowed me to try and express the knowledge that is in my head. I hope that I articulate what my understanding back it back well.


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