Communication Exam

  • Using any three separate examples from class (lectures, discussions, films, course text supplements, etc) explain how you think you know what you know or like what you like:
    • Example:
    • Example:
    • Example:
  • The Critical Media Literacy Video Mixtape is broken into two parts. Below, first, identify the two parts, what are they, and then explain in detail how you think what those two parts mean in terms of your own understanding of mass media and/or your own media environment:
    • Part One:
    • Part Two:
    • Explanation:
  • Watch Democracy Now Tuesday 12/28, Wednesday 12/29 and Thursday 12/30 and for each day select one main story (not a headline) and relate it to one or another example from our class (you may repeat examples) and explain the relationship as you see it.
    • Tuesday:
    • Wednesday:
    • Thursday:

Please use only the video that is in the questions and the supplement book attached.

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