CINAHL are scholarly sources

Alternative Assignment


1. Find at least two scholarly references that address the following questions. You may need more references if the two you find do not address all questions. Scholarly articles are articles that are peer reviewed and can be found in professional journals. Most sources found on CINAHL are scholarly sources. Another place to look is Google Scholar.

2. Write an essay of 300 to 350 words that addresses the following questions. The word limit is for the body of the essay, not counting references. Be sure to use APA format. You may not use personal pronouns such as “I” or “my”. These are the questions to answer:

A. What are concerns that participants in human subjects studies frequently express?

B. What is the usual process for addressing those concerns? How well does this process work?

C. What are potential triggers for participants? How can those triggers be addressed?

D. How well do participants think their rights are protected?

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