Christian Worldview

Need a Capstone Paper written 8 pages. APA Format no Plagiarism.The following should be incorporated in the Capstone Paper:Christian Worldview Capstone PaperPurpose of this AssignmentThe purpose of the Christian Worldview Capstone Paper is to have all the students express how they intend to apply the Christian Worldview and the practice of the academic major to five areas of life:? Vocation, Academic Major, and Career? Church Membership? Singleness, Marriage, & Family? Community Service & Citizenship? StewardshipPreparation for the AssignmentTo prepare for this assignment, students should first read God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life by Gene Edward Veith, Jr.1.Gospel articles from this link Gospel Coalition:Copy and paste link below and type in Gospel coalition and different articles will appear (please choose 3 articles and include in the paper)The Gospel Coalition:  Lectures ( I have attached lectures that need to be incorporated in the paper)3.  Cycle of Violence (include and discuss all topics) Idols, Idol denied, Violence, Regret4. One – two paragraphs on each topic:A. AdulteryB. AddictionC. Domestic ViolenceD. Marriage and DivorceE. RemarriageF. VocationG. Violent SpeechH. Singleness5.  Inserts from the book: Boundaries in Marriage by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend6.  Inserts from the book: Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller

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