Child Obesity

Children ObesityCeline’s parents are concerned about their daughter’s weight. Although neither of her parents is overweight, 9-year-old Celine, whom they adopted two years ago, weighs about 30 percent more than the average girl of her age and height. “We just can’t understand it,” they lament. “She’s tried several diets and still can’t lose weight! She’s so upset that all she does is mope around the house all day. What can we do to help our daughter?”To advise Celine’s parents, you obviously need more information. Based on what you have learned about the biological, social, psychological and behavioral influence of children in this workshop’s assigned reading, generate five questions you might ask to help pinpoint the cause(s) of Celine’s weight problem. For each question, explain how the answer will help you determine the cause of Celine’s weight problem and what you might recommend as a result.

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