care delivery system

Nice post dear, thanks for all the information. It is very sad that, there is shortage of nurses in this country where there is a lot of demand on health care delivery system. This can be seen on a daily basis in our various work places, in some care facilities nurses are forced to work double shifts, some can be nice to ask you if you want to work double but some others will tell you is their policy that when there is no nurse to take over shift from you, you are compelled to stay. otherwise, it will be taken that “you neglected your patients” I have personally experienced both situations. On the part of the nurses, this can lead to stress, bun out/exhaustion, medication errors and other mistakes including documentation which is the core of what we do. I keep wondering where all the new graduates are and equally the foreign nurses who migrate daily to this country. According to American Nurses Association “The shortage isn’t stopping soon.”


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