cardiovascular and peripheral vascular systems

This week, we will review the cardiovascular and peripheral vascular systems. Heart disease is the number-one killer of adults in the United States. We will be drilling down into these systems and refreshing your various assessment skills as well as discussing health promotion activities for all ages.

Healthy People 2020 ( DHHS, 2014) goals include educating adults age 20 and older on recognizing and acting upon symptoms of heart disease. Healthier lifestyle changes starting with preventing childhood obesity and teen smoking are important first steps in reversing these trends for the next generation.


Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). (2014). Healthy People 2020. Retrieved from http://www.healthypeople. gov /



Utilize prior knowledge of theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines to explain expected client behaviors, while differentiating between normal findings, variations, and abnormalities. (PO #1)

Weekly Objectives

  • Differentiate normal from abnormal findings in the assessment of the cardiovasculars and the  peripheral vascular systems in just a few words that are necessary.


Recognize the influence that developmental stages have on physical, psychosocial, cultural, and spiritual functioning. (PO #1)

Weekly Objectives

  • Identify anatomical, developmental, psychosocial, and cultural variations that guide assessment of the cardiovasculars and the peripheral vascular systems in a one comprehensive paragraph or two comprehensive paragraphs.
  • Describe the skills and techniques required to assess the cardiovasculars and peripheral vascular systems and document findings.


Utilize effective communication when performing a health assessment. (PO #3)

Weekly Objectives

  • Develop questions to be used when completing a focused interview for the cardiovascular and peripheral vascular systems.


Identify teaching/learning needs from the health history of an individual. (PO #2)

Weekly Objectives

cardiovascular and peripheral vascular systems

cardiovascular and peripheral vascular systems

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