cardiac surgery patients case study


Capstone Project: Developing a Question

Recall the components of PICOT from your research course:

(P) Population of Focus

(I) Intervention

(C) Comparison

(O) Outcome

(T) Time


Identify each of the components in relation to your approved Capstone Project topic.






Then, develop a PICOT question/statement.






Examples of PICOT questions/statements:

· In adult cardiac surgery patients experiencing post-operative pain (P) immediately following surgery (P), is morphine (I) or fentanyl (C), administered intravenously, more effective in reducing postoperative (T) pain (O)?

· For immune-compromised patients, 50 years and older (P), does the use of pneumonia vaccine (I) reduce the future risk (T) of pneumonia (O) compared with patients who have not received the vaccine (C)?

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