Availability of water

NURSING HOMEWORK HELP DUE BY 3/23/17 AT 10AM The focus of the assignment is the Community of San Pablo City The outlines for the slides as follows: First topic is Nutrition/Metabolic Second topic is Self-Perception/Self-Concept Key points should be metioned in the slides via bullet points Each slide should have speaker notes lasting about a paragraph ( 5 sentences or more) Last Slide should list all refernces using APA format – Pls be sure that format is done correctly as points will be deducted I would like for each topic to fit on one slide, making the entire assignment 3 slides including the reference slide APA format NO INTRODUCTORY SLIDE IS NEEDED! The background should be plane white, however pictures can be added Nutrition/MetabolicIndicators of nutrient deficiencies. · Obesity rates or percentages: Compare to CDC statistics. · Affordability of food/available discounts or food programs and usage (e.g., WIC, food boxes, soup kitchens, meals-on-wheels, food stamps, senior discounts, employee discounts, etc.). · Availability of water (e.g., number and quality of drinking fountains). · Fast food and junk food accessibility (vending machines). · Evidence of healthy food consumption or unhealthy food consumption (trash, long lines, observations, etc.). · Provisions for special diets, if applicable. · For schools (in addition to above): o Nutritional content of food in cafeteria and vending machines: Compare to ARS 15-242/The Arizona Nutrition Standards (or other state standards based on residence) o Amount of free or reduced lunch Self-Perception/Self-Concept · Age levels. · Programs and activities related to community building (strengthening the community). · Community history. · Pride indicators: Self-esteem or caring behaviors. · Published description (pamphlets, Web sites, etc.).


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