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Assessing Musculoskeletal Pain

Discussion: Assessing Musculoskeletal Pain The body is constantly sending signals about its health. One of the most easily recognized signals is pain. Musculoskeletal conditions comprise one of the leading causes of severe long-term pain in patients. The musculoskeletal system is an elaborate system of interconnected levers that provides the body with support and mobility. Because […]

National Cancer Institute Data

National Cancer Institute Data There is often the requirement to evaluate descriptive statistics for data within the organization or for health care information. Every year the National Cancer Institute collects and publishes data based on patient demographics. Understanding differences between the groups based upon the collected data often informs health care professionals towards research, treatment […]

Pregnancy Case Review Chart

Complete the following chart: MN577 Unit 9 Pregnancy Case Review Chart Description of the case chosen:   Case #1: Jane Jane is a 42-year-old G4P2103. Jane is divorced and works long, hard hours as a real estate agent. Jane was having irregular and heavy menses for 6 months, and then they abruptly stopped 3 months […]

specialization and collaboration

 specialization and collaboration of Nature offers many examples . Ant colonies and bee hives are but two examples of nature’s sophisticated organizations. Each thrives because their members specialize by tasks, divide labor, and collaborate to ensure food, safety, and general well-being of the colony or hive. Of course, humans don’t fare too badly in this […]

Spinal cord injury with visceral moto system disablements

Spinal cord injury is linked not only with motor and neural deficiencies but also with visceral moto system disablements. This constitutes endangered cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, gastrointestinal, thermoregulatory and genitive liveliness. Traditional nursing methods for these patients centred on primary care but did not have a satisfactory realization of the condition austerity and personal preferences. With […]

students will pull together the change

students will pull together the change proposal project  components they have been working on throughout the course to create a  proposal inclusive of sections for each content focus area in the  course. At the conclusion of this project, the student will be able to  apply evidence-based research steps and processes required as the  foundation to […]

Inservice on targeted therapies

A nurse educator who coordinates the staff education on an oncology unit is conducting an inservice on targeted therapies. What potential benefit of targeted therapies should the nurse highlight in this education session? A) Targeted therapies achieve the therapeutic benefits of traditional chemotherapy with no risk of adverse effects. B) Targeted therapies have the potential […]

 For scholarly nonempirical article

Home>Nursing homework help nursing . For scholarly, nonempirical articles, state the article title and author, and provide a brief contextual summary of the article.   – Literature Review Chapter 2 of the DPI Project Proposal is entitled “Literature Review” and expands upon work you completed in DNP-820 in the Develop a Literature Review assignment. Synthesis […]

The Assignment Examine Case Study

The Assignment Examine Case Study: A Young Caucasian Girl with ADHD You will be asked to make three decisions concerning the medication to prescribe… Unlock Solution The Assignment   Examine Case Study: A Young Caucasian Girl with ADHD You will be asked to make three decisions concerning the medication to prescribe to this client. Be […]