Assignment One Unit 7

Individual, Family, or Community Recommendations

The next step in the multidisciplinary approach is to develop recommendations based on the synthesis and analysis of your individual interview results you completed in Unit 5. In your synthesis and analysis you identified some common issues. Now, from the view of a human service and public service leader, complete the following in a 1,250-word paper:

  1. Create recommendations to provide a better understanding of aging adults and the issues they encounter. Address these issues and concerns:
    • Physiological.
    • Psychological.
    • Sociological.
    • Cultural.
    • Sexuality.
    • Formal/informal caregiving.
    • Living arrangements.
    • Productivity/retirement.
    • Death/dying.
    • Other.
  2. Along with your recommendations, predict the effect of these recommendations on aging individuals, their families, and the community.
  3. Support your recommendations with reference to the course materials, the Riverbend City family, and current professional research and theory.

Use APA style and formatting for your paper.

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