Part 1

Download and complete A Scandinavian Scare Submit your response below.

Writing Requirements

  • APA format, 3-4 pages in length (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)

Part 2 Discussion questions 100 words

1.Identify a key concept or foundational theory from the first four weeks of class and in half a page discuss how it applies to your current work environment or a recent social, political or business event. Include the chapter and sub topic from your textbook.(about culture differece in business)

Part 3 comment

1.Integrative strategies are planned for benefits over the business which operates in more than one particular kind of business process to get greater Return on investment. The integrative strategies are planned to go well with ongoing negotiations. An example of integrative business strategy can be explained as the negotiation done with a business partner which incorporates bargaining but strengthen the company goodwill as well as beneficial for the long-term benefits and business development. Whereas, the Distributive Strategies are reasonable when there is a need for development for the marketing of product and selling product to the customer related strategies. The distributive strategies are entirely aimed at selling the products with agenda of building and growing trust. The integrative strategies work on mutual decisions which are aimed at the development of business and profits equally.

2.The integrative strategy is more appropriate when it is possible to generate the greater outcome, or we can say that when both the parties are trying to make something more. This strategy can be performed with families or with business partners. Examples of integrative strategy are giving room for rent to two persons. The distributive strategy is more reasonable when one party gain and other party lose, and both are trying to divide something. The best example of distributive strategy is when we ask for a discount on the purchase of any product. For example, a property dealer and a business owner. A business owner wants a location to expand his business. For this, he went to the property dealer and explained his requirements. According to me, the integrative strategy is best than the distributive strategy. Because in the integrative strategy both parties try to make something more and gain equally.

3.When conflicts between two parties are taken care of in an aware constructive manner, gives a chance to recreate a bond between them. There are many ways to resolve the conflicts which are forcing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising and collaborating. It depends on the two parties that what strategy they choose to resolve the conflict. It comes under the interest base problem solving when one party uses any of these methods to resolve the conflict. Sometimes another party considers it as weakness. For example, when the patient meets hospital discharge planner for discharging, the discharge planner wants that the patient should be discharged after the treatment that creates a conflict. When planner explains the reason for late discharge, then patient consider it as a weakness of the discharge planner.

4.Sometimes in the conflicting situation which occurs at social environment of the business organization, the party which puts forward the negotiation proposal considered to be weak because the other party takes it as a misunderstanding that the party which is negotiating or taking the initiative is more interested or desperate to work. Also, sometimes when the persuasion of the other party is not done using the right business practice and plans it can convey a wrong message to the other person. One very common example of this misinterpretation can be: developing a proposal and presenting it in an unplanned way to the other party during business meetings could convey a sign of urgency and desperation in the conflicting internal environment within business partners.

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