The assignemnt is:Using information from your text, videos, and learning activities (and your own thoughts) addressing the following scenario in words (4-5 pages): IMAGINE THAT your best friend comes to you for an informal opinion about some unusual symptoms he/she has been experiencing. Choose a disorder for him/her to experience that we have covered in the course. Describe the symptoms of the disorder and the treatment advice you believe is most valid, including the theoretical model. Better papers will include a thorough description of (a) relevant diagnostic criteria, (b) your friend’s human experience with the disorder, (c) the theoretical model recommended (the one you think is best and why – e.g., cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, biological, a combination of models you think are appropriate), and (d) a reflection of your changing views of mental health function and dysfunction as a result of what you have learned in the course. Grading criteria for this option are as follows:Describe your friend’s human experience with the disorder. How does it manifest itself in their life? What effects does it have on their life? 25 pointsIncorporate the relevant diagnostic criteria of the particular disorder chosen and be sure to tie it into the friend’s personal experience you describe. 25 pointsTreatment advice you would suggest to your friend and the theoretical model that is tied to this treatment. Why do you think this is the best treatment/model? 20 pointsReflect on your changing views of mental health function and dysfunction as a result of course material. Have your views changed or not? What has changed and why? 20 pointsThe paper should be typed, double-spaced and 4-5 pages in length. 5 pointsStructure (flow of paper; 5 points) and Mechanics (spelling, grammar, etc) 5 points}I chose(EATING DISORDER)to be the topic for this paper.And here is the chapter for this topicThe deadline for this paper is Aug 3.

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