Article Critique 

Assignment 1: Article Critique 

DNP graduates are expected to apply research findings and integrate nursing science into evidence-based practice. To develop your ability to engage in this high level of nursing practice, you will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a research study over the next several weeks using the concepts presented throughout Weeks 1 through 9 of the course. Your final analysis will be a 5- to 7-page paper in APA format, that includes the following:

1) Write an introduction ending with a purpose statement (e.g. “the purpose of this study is…).

2) Provide a two paragraph overviews of the study.

3)  Identify three strengths of the study and support your selection (i.e. why is this a


4)  Identify three weaknesses of the study and support your selection (i.e. why is this a


Note: The strengths and weaknesses should be in relation to:

· Design

· Sampling

· Data collection

· Statistical analysis

· Results and discussion.

5)  Propose changes to improve the quality of the study capitalizing on the strengths and

6) improving on the weaknesses you identified in the study.

7)  Summarize the implications for nursing practice. 

8) Write a conclusion for your paper

The purpose of the analysis is to help you develop a deeper understanding of the research process, to inspire you to think critically and deeply about research on a specific topic, and to strengthen your ability to integrate research findings into evidence-based nursing practice. This assignment also gives you practice in analyzing the research literature, which will support you when you begin your DNP project. 

Due Wednesday October 25, 2017 before midnight!

Writing (5 points): Up to 5 points (20%) may be deducted for grammar and APA style errors.

To prepare for this week’s assignment complete the following:

  • Select      one of the four research articles cited in this week’s required readings (SEE ATTACHED PDF FILE)
  • Review      the various quantitative research designs presented in the textbook      readings and research articles and discussed in the “Musings: Aligning      Research Question and Methodology” media.
  • Consider      the research design used in your selected article. Ask yourself the      following questions. Is the design appropriate for the study? Would a      different design provide better results?

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