Appraisal and Application of Research

Appraisal and Application of Research



EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE FOR NURSES Appraisal and Application of Research





Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses: Appraisal and Application of Research, Third Edition, drives comprehension through various strategies that meet the learning needs of students, while also generating enthusiasm about the topic. This interactive approach addresses different learning styles, making this the ideal text to ensure mastery of key concepts. The pedagogical aids that appear in most

chapters include the following:




Chapter Objectives These objectives provide instructors and students with a snapshot of the key information they will encounter in each chapter. They serve as a checklist to help guide and focus study.

Key Terms

Found in a list at the beginning of each chapter and in bold within the chapter, these terms will create an expanded vocabulary in evidence-based practice.

Critical Thinking Exercises An integral part of the learning process, critical- thinking scenarios and questions are presented by the authors to spark insight into situations you may face in practice.





Quick tidbits and facts are pulled out in chapter margins to highlight important aspects of the chapter topic.

Test Your Knowledge

These questions serve as benchmarks for the knowledge you are acquiring as you move throughout the chapter.




Rapid Review This succinct list at the end of the chapter compiles the most pertinent and key information for quick review and later reference.




Apply What You Have Learned

With this outstanding feature, you will be challenged to apply your newly acquired knowledge to specific evidence-based practice scenarios and research studies.




Case Examples Found in select chapters, these vignettes illustrate research questions and studies in actual clinical settings and provide critical-thinking challenges for students.




Keeping It Ethical

Relevant ethical content concludes each chapter to ensure ethics are kept at the forefront of every step of the nursing process.







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