You will select four (4) of the following terms or concepts. You will read and research at least three scholarly sources and then identify, discuss and place each concept in proper context. After you have identified each concept you will then explain ways each concept can be applied to your own life with examples.  I hope you enjoy your research and the personal application.Please select four of the following concepts or theories.Social changes in life-span developmentMemoryPositive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and punishmentIssues related to gender and sexualityMotivation and emotionPersonalityHealth psychology, stress and coping strategiesPsychological Disorders and other Mental Health IssuesConcepts of interpersonal relationshipsYou are required to write at least 750 words.  This paper is worth 20% of your grade.    Please use the APA format, cite and list at least three (3) sources. You are not required to include an abstract.  I have guidelines on using the APA format and citing sources in Student Resources for you.  To submit your paper click on the Applying Psychology to My Life Paper link under Week 3.  Then click on the View/Complete link at the bottom of the page.  Then attach your paper. Follow the directions below for a step-by-step process.Here are some websites that may be helpful to you:NAMI: Information Online: Online, Virtual Psychology: Crawler Search Engine: Central: Requirements (Use as a checklist):Use a 12 pt Arial or Times New Roman FontDouble-space paperMinimum of 750 words.  No more than 1,000 wordsMinimum of three (3) cited sourcesUse APA format and parenthetical citations right after cited material (See below)Make sure your name is on your paper

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