Professional Research Project CAPSTONE Benchmark – Constructing the Written Evidence-Based Proposal: Final Write the Abstract and Conclusion to the evidence based proposal that I will write that is combining all elements completed in previous weeks (Topics 1-4) I will attach the all papers done weeks 1-4 to use to write the ABSTRACT and CONCLUSION This assignment uses a rubric. To complete the assignment, refer to “Writing Guidelines” and the “Exemplar of Evidence-Based Practice Capstone Paper.” 8 NRS 441v.10R.Exemplar of Evidenced-Based Practice.docx – I WILL EMAIL SEPARATE ATTACHMENT 7 NRS 441v.10R.Writing guidelines.docx – I WILL EMAIL SEPARATE ATTACHMENT RubricConstructing the Written Evidence-Based Proposal: Final Abstract meets all criteria of writing guidelines in a detailed and comprehensive manner while demonstrating deeper understanding by incorporating prior learning or thoughtful reflection. 1) Abstract a) Length is between 250-450 words. b) Presents a complete, concise overview of all phases of the proposed project c) Addresses a problem or issue related to patient care quality d) References appropriate evidence-based literature; identifies at least one evidence-based solution that may resolve the problem or issue. 2) Conclusion (Should pull major themes of paper together in concise manner)


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