A systemic Analysis of the Dynamics and Organization of Urban Street Gangs

Ruble, N. M., & Turner, W. L. (2000). A systemic analysis of the dynamics and organization of urban street gangs. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 28(2), 117-132. Retrieved from https://search-proquest-com.ezproxy2.apus.edu/docv…

In doing so, write a summary review of the important materials presented. Following APA format (title page, content pages, reference page), double spaced, 12 pt font size, and common font style (Times New Roman).

APA format is required of all Summary Paper assignments, including a cover page, in-text citations, and a full reference list. If tables, charts or images are used an Appendix is required.

2-3 pages of content maximum

Welcome to Week 7! In this lesson we are going to focus on gangs. Ultimately this is an important topic as today street gangs such as the Russian mafia, Mara Salvatrucha (i.e., otherwise known as MS13), and others represent a serious challenge for law enforcement, and can be found in communities across the nation and globe. In reaction to combating what remains a growing problem many law enforcement agencies are using different varieties of what can be categorized as gang intelligence systems. In their simplest forms these database systems can help provide law enforcement and investigators with a variety of information regarding specific gang, and gang member. With the latter these data feeds can include items such as physical descriptions (e.g., recognizable tattoos and scars) to known aliases and nicknames. Other useful information can include past and current trends associated with a specific gang and its members to the last known whereabouts (e.g., physical address) and criminal record of known members. More so, and based in large part on the technological world that we live in today, officers need not go back to a station-house to access this information but instead a growing number of departments have invested in technology which allows officers on active patrol in their communities to access this information from their patrol car via laptops and or other installed electronic means.

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