8- to 10-slide PowerPoint

Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation discussing your cultural background (in addition, you should include a title slide and reference slide in your presentation).When discussing your culture, consider components of yourself such as race, ethnicity, religion, spiritual heritage, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, socioeconomic status, traditions, and family heritage. You are not required to include any information you do not feel comfortable sharing.Include the following in your presentation:1.Communication styles of your culture (verbal and nonverbal)2.Parts of your culture you are proud of3.Parts of your culture that you would like to improve4.Stereotypes toward your culture5.Stereotypes held within your culture6.How your culture perceives substance use. Are there any traditional uses of substances that are deemed culturally acceptable?7.How your culture perceives counseling8.How your cultural background will influence your ability to counsel someone from your culture and someone from another culture9.Speaker notes that represent what would be said if giving the presentation in personAPA format is required for any information not originated by the student. Include at least two scholarly references in your presentation.MUST PASS TURN IT IN WITH LESS THAN 5%

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