5 Page APA Research Paper

Assignment Title: Writing and Presenting a Research Report

As Brown, Suter, and Churchill (2014) indicate in the Basic Marketing Research textbook, a marketing researcher will almost always be expected to develop a written report and presentation based on the results of the research. In this Assignment, you will prepare a marketing research report.

Marketing researchers must communicate with all stakeholders to develop accurate results when writing up the research report and presenting it to organizational leaders. The goal of the report and presentation is to sell and persuade the results of the marketing research, whether they favorably or unfavorably help to solve the research problem or to help capitalize on the research opportunity. A valid and appropriately designed research study will render valid results that should provide guidance to decision making leaders. Additionally, it is essential that marketing researchers use time management while creating and editing reports. The written report in general, will have an enormous impact on whether leadership decision makers will actually use the research or not. Your job as the marketing research is to master the art of persuading and selling the research results you worked very hard to produce.

Directions for Completing this Assignment

In this Assignment, you will analyze the “Seal-Tight Company” case study in your textbook. As a marketing researcher, your objective is to prepare a marketing research report. Complete the following steps to successfully execute this Assignment:

Step 1. In your Basic Marketing Research textbook, go to pages 417-418 and read question 1 on the Seal-Tight Company. (SEE ATTACHED)

Step 2. On page 418 in your Basic Marketing Research textbook, prepare the charts required in questions A-D to be used in your research report. (SEE ATTACHED)

Step 3. Follow the research report outline on pages 429-433. (SEE ATTACHED)

Step 4: Prepare a 5-page research report written in APA style and format based on the results of your data analysis for the “Seal-Tight Company” case study.

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