321 paper

The National Gang Center is a clearinghouse for a great deal of gang information.

The center does an annual newsletter about gangs. The newsletter page can be accessed from this link:

https://www.nationalgangcenter.gov/Newsletter (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Here is a video on using the NGC: I put it together using Screeencastomatic and check it out:

Recording #10.mp4View in a new windowClick to view undefined

You can see they have years of earlier newsletters and you can use any one of those too, it does not have to be the current newsletter.

Focus on only one section (article) (for example: 2016’s articles include Gang Tattoos, Partnerships for Success, Street Outreach, etc. ).

For the article you have chosen, I would like you to do a 3-2-1 paper. A 3-2-1 paper is done in the following format:

I have chosen this section: ________ from the 20__ National Gang Center Newsletter.

3 Things That Were Surprising About this Article




2 Things That Needed More Explanation or Raised Questions in the Article



1 Thing I would like to ask the authors (not from #2)


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