30 slides

1-Team Norms

2-Team Roles

3-Types of Job Interviews

4-Importance of Research before an Interview

5-Customer Service Skills

6-Strategies for Exceptional Customer Service

7- Importance of Oral Presentation Skills in the Workplace

8- Characteristics of Effective Presenters/Speakers

9- Common Mistakes in Oral Presentations

10-Importance of Hard Skills and Soft Skills in the Workplace

11-Tips for Workplace Success

12-Tips for Etiquette in the Workplace

13- Buzz Words

14- six functions of non verbal communication

15-connotation and denotation of words

16-Gestures and Facial Expressions

17-Eye Contact and Posture

18-Professional Attire

19- tips for tipping

20- tips for toasting

21-dining etiquette

22-Conflict in the Workplace

23-Conflict Resolution Styles

24-Tips for Effective Conflict Resolution

25-Statistics about Feedback in the Workplace

26-Tips for Effective Feedback in the Workplace

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